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Lauric Acid - Overview

Lauric acid or consistently, saturated fatty acid, could be a saturated carboxylic acid with a 12-carbon atom chain, therefore having several properties of medium chain fatty acids, could be a white, powder solid having a faint odor of soap or bay oil. The salts and esters of dodecanoic acid area unit referred to as laurates. Although ninety fifth of medium chain triglycerides ar absorbed through the venous blood vessel, solely 25-30% of dodecanoic acid is absorbed through the venous blood vessel. Like several alternative fatty acids, dodecanoic acid is cheap, encompasses a long shelf-life, is non-toxic and is safe to handle. it’s used chiefly for the assembly of soaps and cosmetics.


Lauric Acid is used in medical, skincare and beauty products, and also soap and detergent industry. The reaction of lauric acid and methanol in the presence of potassium hydroxide as a catalyst can produce biodiesel which is a renewable, alternative energy

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